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ByAlexia Pamelov

Cheap Windows Hosting – Why We Need Social Login Integration In Our Website

CheapWindowsHosting.com | In this article you will learn why we need social login Integration in our website. Firstly, when I started working on a website I was confused about integrating social login into the website. Later, I got to know what are its benefits. Here in this article I would like to represent this to you.

Before (1990-2000) every person required 3 things to live a comfortable life.


But the emergence of internet and web applications has changed the world in such a way that, internet became a need for people now a day. Today, “Internet” is considered the fourth need of every human being.


This is the current need for every person. 


Why Internet?

Actually for this demand and use of internet the credit goes to the “Web applications”. Now the web application plays a major role for this high use and demand of internet. We are now solving thousands of problems such as marketing, booking ticket, purchasing goods, selling goods, finding room on rent, booking cabs, etc using internet.

Now we have different websites for different purpose such as Flipkart for purchasing goods, Amazon for purchasing goods, OLA for booking cabs, etc…So one boring and uninteresting activity to use different website is to fill the long Registration form, which users don’t want.

Problems With Lot Of WebSites

Yes,  the boring and uninteresting activity to use different website is to fill the long Registration form and remember its userid and password for Login.

Secondly, if the user started remembering all user id password, then think what will be the situation.The situation is just like the following picture.


The user also don’t want to expose all his personal details to all these websites and finally to remember his/her UserName and Password.

So to avoid situation like this now we are integrating social login to our web site. If any user want to visit our website without registration, no problem he/she can visit our website using any of his social login account such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. This is because every person today is mandatory to have these accounts. A survey states that these accounts have these many users now a day.

So now if you want to test any site without registration, you can do it with these social logins if this has integrated on that website.

External login


As billions of people already have accounts on these services, Now users can login with existing Facebook, Google, Twitter or Microsoft Live login. Many of them don’t want to register on another website and remember yet another user name/password pair. It is much faster and easier for them to visit website using social login and check the new website functionality. So in my opinion every new website must integrate with social logins.