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ByAlexia Pamelov

Cheap Windows ASP.NET Hosting – Tips To Boost Your ASP.NET Performance

CheapWindowsHosting.com | Best and cheap ASP.NET hosting. In this post we will explain about how to boost your ASP.NET performance.

ASP.NET is a web application server framework that has been designed to make the process of website development easier , especially for the creation of dynamic web pages . It is important to understand the usefulness of ASP.NET applications in building efficient , robust and reliable .


Below are my top 7 tips to improving ASP.net application Performance :

1 . Use HTTPServerUtility.Transfer instead of Response.Redirect

Redirect ‘s are also very chatty . They should only be used when you are transferring people to another physical web server . For any transfers within your server , use . Transfer! You will save a lot of needless HTTP requests.

2 . Always check Page.IsValid when using Validator Controls

So you’ve dropped on some validator controls , and you think your good to go Because ASP.net does everything for you ! Right ? Wrong ! All that happens if bad the data is received is the IsValid flag is set to false . So the make sure you check Page.IsValid before processing your forms !

3 . Deploy with Release Build

Make sure you use the Release Build mode and not Debug Build when you deploy your site to production . If you think this does not matter , think again . By running in debug mode , you are creating PDB ‘s and cranking up the timeout . Deploy Release mode and you will see the speed improvements .

4 . Pre – Compiling ASP.NET Application

When compiling an ASP.NET application project , a single assembly is created to hold all the application ‘s code but the web pages ( . Aspx ) and user controls ( . Ascx ) not compiled and be deployed as it is . In the first request ASP.NET dynamically compiles the web pages and user control and places the compiled files in the ASP.NET temporary files folder .

To reduce the time of the first request a web application can be pre-compiled , Including all the code , pages , and user controls , by using the ASP.NET compilation tool ( Aspnet_compiler.exe ) . Running this tool in production servers can reduce the delay users experience on first requests .

  • Open a command prompt in your production server .
  • Navigate to the % windir % Microsoft.Net folder
  • Navigate to either the Framework or Framework64 According to the configuration of the web application ‘s application pool .
  • Navigate to the framework version ‘s folder .
  • Enter the following command to start the compilation

Aspnet_compiler.exe – v / FullPathOfYourWebApplication

5 . Disable Session State

Disable Session State if you’re not going to use it . By default it ‘s on . You can actually turn this off for specific pages, instead of for every page :

< % @ Page language = " c # " Codebehind = " WebForm1.aspx.cs "

AutoEventWireup = “false ” Inherits = ” WebApplication1.WebForm1 “

">EnableSessionState = "false " % >

mode value to Off. “>You can also disable it across the application in the web.config by setting the value to Off mode .

6 . Repeater Control Good, DataList, DataGrid, and DataView controls Bad

Asp.net is a great platform , unfortunately a lot of the controls that were developed are heavy in html , and create not the greatest scaleable html from a performance standpoint . ASP.net repeater control is awesome ! Use it ! You might write more code , but you will thank me in the long run !

7 . Create Per -Request Cache

Use HTTPContect.Items to add single page load to create a per – request caching.

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