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ByAlexia Pamelov

Steps to Increase Website Traffic

CheapWindowsHosting.com |  so you have designed your new website and it has been launched on your web host. The next thing you need to think about is getting people to visit your website and generate some positive buzz about it. The popularity of a website depends to a great extent on people sharing their experiences of the website with others. In the present age of social media, this has become much easier and also more competitive. So you need to really be on top of your game to increase traffic to your website and make the volume of traffic grow over time.


Who are the opinion makers?

First, you need to have a clear idea about the purpose of your website and the audience you are aiming for. You cannot have a website that means everything to everybody. Identify your niche in terms of the content you can regularly share on your website. Second, you need to identify the opinion leaders within your audience. Remember, not every member of your target audience has the same influence over others. In every online community there are individuals who are respected more than the others and their opinions count a lot more than the impressions of the general audience. Get to know who those opinion leaders are in your audience.

What matters to the opinion makers?

Opinion makers are highly motivated people. The fact that their opinions count and have an influence over others shows that they regularly receive information and evaluate it critically before forming an opinion. You may not agree with the views of these opinion makers, which actually makes them more important for attracting visitors to your website. You need to know what their opinions are and what issues matter to them. Find out what stimulates their mind and motivates them to connect with other people in order to express their views.

What should the content be?

If you want to attract opinion makers and high traffic volume to your website, you will have to create content that reflects the interests of the opinion makers. Produce content on issues that matter to the opinion makers and which confirms their beliefs to some extent. Remember that the opinion makers are likely to be experts and therefore you will need to produce rich and detailed content to attract opinion makers. At the same time, you will have to produce digestible content that can be understood by a lay audience.

Make it easier to share

You can increase traffic to your website by making it easier for the content you put up to be share. This can be done by integrating your website to social media so that the content can be shared by visitors within their online friend networks and communities. This increases the visibility of your content and enables more visitors to visit your website. For content to be shared readily, it is important that it be related to topical and current events. People are more likely to share content that is timely and relevant.

ByAlexia Pamelov

Cheap Windows ASP.NET Tutorial – Growth Hack Tips for Startup Business

CheapWindowsHosting.com | Growth Hacking is seen by some as the marketing part of Lean Startup. More precisely, growth hacking is about experimenting to find creative, data-driven ways of growing your business. either by users or by profits. Those two are not the same by the way. That’s one of the things I learned very quickly from watching Growth Hacker TV.


There are some growth hack tips for startup business.

Use Built-In Sharing

One of the most important ways to use growth hacks to grow your small startup is by incorporating sharing into its functionality. Sharing means that your content can be directly linked to on social media platforms, allowing your users to do the work of marketing for you.

Incentivize Distribution

Since you want people to share your site, it may encourage people to share if you offer them some incentive. You can give your users something nice if they do something extra for you, like a discount if they choose to e-mail friends or additional services if they post about you on a social media platform.

Encourage Sharing on Your Actual Product

If your company makes a product, one great way to help spread its popularity is to incorporate a mechanism into the product to encourage sharing it or to create a companion product that spurs distribution.

Tap into Places Where Potential Customers Might Congregate

One of the most important ways to discover new users is by finding the right audience and where they hang out online. Do some research about what places your target audience frequents online, then spend your time, resources and energy spreading the word there.

Offer Free Products that Go Well with Paid Products

One of the best ways to convert a potential customer to a paying customer is to offer free services or products, as well as products for purchase. Moz does this well with their SEO services. You can sign up on Moz to receive a ton of free SEO tools, advice and information. However, you have to pay for their premium SEO service. The free offer is a great way to bring more people in, and the paid offer is an excellent way to bump people up to paying customers.


One of the best ways to grow your startup quickly and easily is to piggyback on a company that already exists and has tons of users. Perhaps the most famous example of this technique is PayPal and eBay. eBay was already in existence when PayPal started up, and the way that the online payment company grew so quickly is that it appealed to eBay buyers who were looking for a safe, fast and easy way to send money to vendors. As eBay grew, so did PayPal because they were able to reach users of one service who needed the service of the other.

Get Endorsed

If you want your company to grow virally, a great way to do it is to get endorsed by someone whom the public loves and trusts. Endorsements are a paid relationship between your company and a celebrity or well-known expert who endorses your product, writes about it on a blog or social media platform, or even makes ads for it.

Celebrities and thought-leaders tend to have other important friends, so when they share and talk about your product, chances are other influential people will be attracted to it and talk about it, resulting in multiple celebrity endorsements and a huge amount of encouragement for everyday people to check out your company.

Reward Power Users

The best sales people for a company are the people who love, support, and use it. So, if you have longtime or frequent users, reward them with deals, meetups or special offers. Retaining your best customers is important, and the happier they remain with the site or service, the more likely they are to continue to preach its goodness to the world.

ByAlexia Pamelov

Cheap Windows Hosting – Tips to take Advantage of Google Plus for SEO

CheapWindowsHosting.com | Google Plus sets itself apart from other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter by having a heavy emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). Many search results that belong to Google Plus appear higher on Google’s search rankings, just because they are a part of Google’s massive network. Here are five top tips to take advantage of this unique situation.


  • Stay on top of your Profile and Post Links
    • By embedding links directly to your profile page, you can raise the visibility of your own website once more people click and engage with your link. Profile links are similar, except you can post as many links as you want directly into your posts. The more people who click, share, and +1 your link, the higher that link will rank in Google search rankings. Thus, you can use your Google Plus profile and posts to expose links to more people, which can tangible increase the validity and trustworthiness of the links themselves!
  • Control your Posts After You Post them
    • With Google Plus, you have the power to edit all your posts even after you have posted them. This is in stark contrast to Facebook and Twitter, where you have much more constrained control over your posts. This is important if the post appears to be becoming more popular and you want to make some updates or add media to it before it becomes fully viral.
  • Make sure the First Word of your Post is Important!
    • The first sentence of your Google Plus posts are a part of the title tag, which has a much higher weight when it comes to rankings. As such, it is an incredibly important keyword for your post and must be chosen with care for proper Google search engine optimization.
  • Post your Content on Google Plus to Increase Visibility
    • Content that is shared on Google Plus is added to Google searches (or indexed) much quicker than on other sites. As such, all new content that you create should be spread on Google Plus or other social media sites in order to ensure it is optimized as soon as possible.
  • Don’t Give up on Google Plus
    • Google Plus isn’t the most popular social media site right now, but it is still growing. Take this opportunity to be an early adopter and get well established before everyone else clogs up the system. It is a small investment of time and effort that could have significant payoffs for your business.
ByAlexia Pamelov

Cheap Windows Hosting – Tips to Protect your Ecommerce Site from Cyber Criminals

CheapWindowsHosting.com | With the festive season fast approaching, online retailers everywhere will be busily preparing themselves to meet the bulk demands of customers but another community is also waiting in the wings. The festive season is a primetime for nefarious cyber criminals or hackers looking to steal important data of your customers. With passage of time, hackers are improving their skills and are founding quite innovative ways to trace online behavior and steal credentials of the customers.

From stealing debit/credit card information to attacking privacy and poaching ecommerce data, this online nuisance has many shapes and names. But, with the right security approach you can save your e-commerce website from these cyber criminals. In this article, you can read some effective ways to protect your Ecommerce site from these cyber criminals. Let’s start.

1. Choose ecommerce web hosting service provider wisely

People often think that the e-commerce site security is mainly based on the software they write. Although the web application itself must also be secure, the other chief factor is the Web Hosting being used. Between shared and dedicated hosting, dedicated is more secure and ideal for ecommerce business. Shared hosting has multiple users all are accessing the same server: running under the same operating system, using the same resources, etc. Dedicated hosting plan, whether it be a co-located server, a dedicated server, or a VPS, only a single user is using the server (or in the VPS case, the virtual server).


Having multiple users on the same server (shared hosting) is dangerous in two ways. First, if any of the shared users has wrong intentions, he could exploit what your site has to offer. For example, if your site has a world-writeable directory, that directory is writable by some other users on the server (unless extra steps are taken). Second, if any of the shared users has right intentions, but is running a website or software that has security flaws, your website is also vulnerable to the threats. Therefore, it is recommended to choose dedicated VPS hosting providers. In addition to this, you must know how to secure virtual private server so that no hacker can break into it.

While selecting good web hosting service providers, you should also check out the type of software and hardware that they use. Those hosting service providers which use advanced and updated software should be your prime choice because this software is not easy to hack and comprise all essential security features. Similarly, you should be well aware of your web host’s hardware. Web hosting hardware requirements include storage and it is imperative to know what kind of storage hardware your service provider is offering. If you are planning for e-commerce website, then hardware plays a crucial role in it.

2. Keep Data Encrypted

All the data that flows between the web server of company and the website of customers should have encryption in order to stay away from eavesdropping or a phishing attack. SSL authentication is a must-have for e-commerce sites from small as well as large retailers. SSL effectively protects sensitive data that travels across the web and encrypts sensitive information such as credit card details and passwords. The SSL certificate makes these important data unreadable to everyone apart from the intended recipient, protecting it from cyber criminals and hackers.

3. Be PCI Compliant

In addition to using SSL protection, it is recommended to ensure that your ecommerce website is PCI compliant. Any merchant who accepts debit/credit cards, both offline and online, must be compliant with the PCI Security Standards Council and meet all the regulations in order to ensure they are keeping the payment data of customers secure. Merchants who are not in compliance with PCI Security Standards Council face tough penalties.

4. No Need to Store Sensitive Data

It is quite risky to keep confidential information, such as credit and debit card details,of your customer on your server because it can possibly entice an attacker to steal such sensitive information. Further, in accordance to PCI Standards it is forbidden to store such sensitive data. You should keep only the minimal amount of data to complete refunds and charge backs, and clear out stores regularly so as to comply with the PCI Standards and to give identity thieves nothing to steal. You can also prevent online fraud by verifying addresses and CVV2 codes for all the online transactions.

5. Insist on Strong Passwords

Many people fail to create a strong password that is designed to protect. As an online retailer it is your responsibility to insist on strong passwords when your customers set up accounts on your site. It’ll not only protect all the sensitive information retained at the back end of your ecommerce website, but also minimize site breaches. A strong password has a minimum amount of characters and contains a mixture of symbols, letters and numbers.

6. Penetration testing

Penetration testing or ethical hacking is a necessary step in ensuring your ecommerce site is inaccessible to the hackers and fraudsters. There are many penetration testing companies out there offering the services you need to put protection and customer privacy at the top of your agenda as a retailer. The ethical hackers will attack on your server with the intention of finding security weaknesses. After the penetration testing, they will make a report to enlist all the weakness in your security threats. This report helps to make your website completely secure and keep your web assets safe.

ByAlexia Pamelov

Cheap Windows Hosting – Tips to make ASP.NET MVC application SEO friendly

CheapWindowsHosting.com |One of the big benefits of using an existing system such as WordPress or Magento, is many things simply come out of the box. One of these things is being “SEO – friendly”: being optimized for the search engines.

Note: While not all WordPress installations are perfect for SEO, it’s usually really good compared to custom installations.

aspnet-seoWhen you’re working in ASP.NET MVC, chances are you’re dealing with a custom solution. That is great; it just means we have to do a lot of things on our own. In this post I will go through the most important elements. However, SEO changes all the time and we don’t really know what triggers Google – so it’s worth continuing your research afterwards to find out if there are things that are forgotten.

I decided to split the changes into “Required”, “Important” and “Nice to have”. What category I placed them in is a bit random and based on my own experiences and what I’ve read – but use it more as a general guideline.

Required on-site SEO optimisations for ASP.NET sites

Make site is indexable

This has less to do with ASP.NET MVC than it has to do with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular. While there is a lot of discussion about whether Google reads these JavaScript MVC sites correctly or not, there is an important point to make:

All your content should be served from the server at the point of load. Yes, it’s nice to load it dynamically using a JavaScript framework or jQuery call, but that can and will hurt SEO. Make sure to always load it when you serve the view from the controller.

Note: If you Google “Angular SEO friendly” you will get plenty of methods on how to do this in practice.

Unique title tags for each view

One of the most important ranking factors is the <title> tag in the header. Make sure to set a unique one for each view in your application – also small pages such as contact and about.

For dynamic pages this is the most important, as you would often have your main content there.

Important on-site SEO optimisations for ASP.NET sites

Sitemap in ASP.NET MVC

Sitemaps are important to tell the search engines exactly what pages you have. Unfortunately you have to make them yourself.

  • For smaller sites, it’s quite simple. Either you do it manually (which works if you don’t have any dynamic content) or automatically (more on that in a second). You simply make a controller called Sitemap, and makes sure your site responds to calls such as /sitemap and /sitemap.xml .
  • For bigger sites it’s challenge. If you have a million pages which a previous customer of ours did, you need to run an underlying console job that generates the sitemap.
  • To help you build it there are a couple of Github projects to help you, and here is an example:

Only one <h1> on each page

Each page, when fully rendered, should only have a <h1> tag. The <h1> tag is what the page is about, and should be the main headline.

Canonical URL on pages

It’s in general a very good idea to put a canonical URL on most views. The idea is you tell Google what the real version of the URL is.

A typical example is you have the same page that gets indexed with unique query strings:

  • ?tracking=qwerty
  • ?ref=query

The idea is you then make a canonical URL and refer to itself. So if your view is placed on http://domain.com/page, and you have a version such as http://domain.com/page?ref=query, you should have a canonical URL that is http://domain.com/page.

Remove /home/ from URL in ASP.NET MVC

In a lot of ASP.NET MVC projects, many pages end up having a /home/ url. An example could be /home/contact. The shorter and more clear URLs, the better. And this is just a quick small thing to update inside the route file.

Prev and next on paginated listings

When you have a paginated result, it’s worth implementing the “prev” and “next”. It’s a way of telling the search engines you are on a paginated result, and what the next and previous pages are.