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ByAlexia Pamelov

Cheap Windows Hosting – Why We Need Social Login Integration In Our Website

CheapWindowsHosting.com | In this article you will learn why we need social login Integration in our website. Firstly, when I started working on a website I was confused about integrating social login into the website. Later, I got to know what are its benefits. Here in this article I would like to represent this to you.

Before (1990-2000) every person required 3 things to live a comfortable life.


But the emergence of internet and web applications has changed the world in such a way that, internet became a need for people now a day. Today, “Internet” is considered the fourth need of every human being.


This is the current need for every person. 


Why Internet?

Actually for this demand and use of internet the credit goes to the “Web applications”. Now the web application plays a major role for this high use and demand of internet. We are now solving thousands of problems such as marketing, booking ticket, purchasing goods, selling goods, finding room on rent, booking cabs, etc using internet.

Now we have different websites for different purpose such as Flipkart for purchasing goods, Amazon for purchasing goods, OLA for booking cabs, etc…So one boring and uninteresting activity to use different website is to fill the long Registration form, which users don’t want.

Problems With Lot Of WebSites

Yes,  the boring and uninteresting activity to use different website is to fill the long Registration form and remember its userid and password for Login.

Secondly, if the user started remembering all user id password, then think what will be the situation.The situation is just like the following picture.


The user also don’t want to expose all his personal details to all these websites and finally to remember his/her UserName and Password.

So to avoid situation like this now we are integrating social login to our web site. If any user want to visit our website without registration, no problem he/she can visit our website using any of his social login account such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. This is because every person today is mandatory to have these accounts. A survey states that these accounts have these many users now a day.

So now if you want to test any site without registration, you can do it with these social logins if this has integrated on that website.

External login


As billions of people already have accounts on these services, Now users can login with existing Facebook, Google, Twitter or Microsoft Live login. Many of them don’t want to register on another website and remember yet another user name/password pair. It is much faster and easier for them to visit website using social login and check the new website functionality. So in my opinion every new website must integrate with social logins.


ByAlexia Pamelov

Cheap Windows Hosting -The Role Of SEO In Business

CheapWindowsHosting.com | SEO plays an essential role in online marketing for businesses. It makes it possible for company websites to have access to constantly flowing internet traffic. SEO involves strategic methods that are used to boost search engine rankings for sites. It is among the most popular and effective online marketing strategies that help businesses become more profitable.


Billions of Online Searches

Search engine optimization is based on how people use search engines to carry out their online searches when looking for information. Optimizing a website requires HTML code editing which facilitates the use of certain keywords and phrases in relation to the site. With billions of searches of carried out on a monthly basis, it is important for company websites to be well optimized.

SEO for Better Rankings and Traffic

  • As the economy continues to become more globalized, businesses are opting to go online and gain a larger market share. People need to be able to find what you offer online and you can only reach them effectively if you have higher search engine rankings. SEO enables you to not only improve your rankings, but draw targeted traffic to your site as well.
  • If you want to embark on an online marketing strategy, it is advisable to include search engine optimization in your marketing efforts. Being aware of what SEO can do for your business will enable you to maximize on the potential of this particular strategy. With proper execution, you will be able to enjoy the tangible results of SEO.
  • Websites are ranked by search engines in accordance with complex algorithms which are used to identify the sites that are relevant to certain keywords. This is why it important to invest your time and resources in optimizing your site for terms which are commonly searched for and gaining the benefit of a higher ranking for your website.

A majority of online users depend on search engine rankings and they usually restrict their viewing to the initial results when searching for certain terms. The higher the ranking for your site is, the more internet traffic you will be able to receive from users who rely on search engines. The best way to make sure that your website is optimized is by hiring an SEO expert.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing are integral aspects of successfully running any type of business. They give you the opportunity to attract new customers and create awareness about your products or services. Higher search engine rankings for your site allow you to take advantage of cost effective advertising opportunities that your online business needs.

Different Aspects of SEO

SEO can be complicated and dynamic, which is why you need a specialist who can help you with your company site by incorporating various factors such as keywords and content.

  • Keyword density is among the concepts that are considered in SEO. The basis of keyword density is how frequently particular keywords appear in your web content. It influences the relevance of your site to the keyword but overusing keywords could cause your site to be penalized or blacklisted.
  • For keywords and how often they are used to be effective, they need to be used appropriately.
  • Search engines also use inbound links to determine website rankings. These are the links that are directed from other websites. Search engines take the ranking of the other websites into account, so you need to make sure that the sites directing links to your site have good rankings.
  • A major influential factor in terms of SEO and search engine rankings is content. Quality content will be beneficial to your users and search engine ranking. Along with providing useful and relevant information in content, it also needs to be optimized for particular keywords.

Social Media Presence

Online marketing campaigns that are based on SEO yield the best results. Search engines consider social media when determining rankings. A strong presence on social media will go a long way towards making your SEO progressive. As online usage continues to advance, it is important to incorporate aspects such as high search engine ranking and strong social media presence that will enable you to draw more quality traffic.


Your business requires a high level of online visibility because the internet enables you to reach more people than ever before. People all over the world use the internet each day. Almost 80% of people use the internet regularly and the number of internet users continues to rise steadily. With several existing users and more new users every other minute, you need to be able to reach these people.

SEO gives you the online visibility that you need to promote your brand and business. The internet gives you liberty to say as much as you want about what you offer on various platforms. It eases interaction with your customers and gives potential customers the chance to find and reach you with ease. SEO is necessary for continually strengthening and maintaining your online presence.

ByAlexia Pamelov

Cheap Windows Hosting – Tips To Make Your Website Perfect

CheapWindowsHosting.com | Are you currently setting up your website for your new online store and would like to make it safe, legible for your customers and compliant to the rules of financial institutions involved, such as credit card companies? There are some best practice rules ready for you.


Here are the rules you MUST follow:

  1. Identification – make sure that your company is recognizable by your customers (cardholders) at any time. If your company XYZ sells a project X and its name is the most visible on site, put X as a descriptor on cardholders’ bank statements (point 10) but also place your company name in the footer of every page of your website.
  2. Location of the company – The registered address of your company (street, zip code, country, no post box) must be present on the website and should be displayed directly before the purchase.
  3. Contact address for customers – you must specify a contact address for your customers. This may be a phone number or an email address, under which the cardholder would be able to obtain information on effected transactions.
    A customer should be able to contact a merchant for a period of up to 90 days after the date of the transaction concerned.
  4. Clear description of the goods and services offered – the goods and services on offer must be completely described in order not to confuse a customer about their features and prices, so not only the size and color but also the technical requirements (for instance voltage for electrical goods) should be displayed.
  5. Range of goods – The range of sold goods must correspond to the type of business declared earlier by a merchant. If a merchant is going to change any type of products and services offered on his website (e.g. he sells ebooks and now plans to sell hotel reservations) he should contact PayLane first to clarify whether he can sell a new product or service using the same merchant account.
  6. Transaction currencies – Each customer shall be informed of the underlying transaction currency before conclusion of the purchase. The corresponding country name must also be specified unless the currency is compatible to ISO standard (e. g. “USD” or “US$” rather than just “$”).
    It helps to avoid problems resulting from symbol misunderstanding (Australian, American and Canadian dollar have the same symbol).
  7. Confidentiality warranty – you must ensure confidential handling of all customer data received.
  8. Proceeding in the case of returns of goods, refunds and cancellations – you shall inform the customers clearly of their rights and duties in the case of returns of goods, refunds and cancellations. This information must be made clear to the customer before the purchase, in order to avoid misconceptions, contradictions, and conflicts as far as possible.
  9. Statement on/implementation of transaction security – the merchant should clearly point out the exerted measures for transaction security (e. g. SSL encryption) to the customer.
  10. Relation Clearing Descriptor – The customer must be able to establish a relationship between the clearing descriptor (on a cardholder’s bank statement) and the contracting company, e.g. by using the company name or the URL as clearing descriptor or by an explicit indication on the website.

Here are the rules you should follow as well:

  1. Integration of the VISA and EUROCARD/MasterCard logos – The logos of the credit card companies should be integrated in an appropriate form. At the same time their appearance should not be put at disadvantage with the appearance of the other means of payment. Moreover the logos should be displayed in such a way that the credit card companies are not accidentally classified as suppliers of the product or service.
  2. Price display – The customer must be able to identify the final price of a product unmistakably.
  3. Debiting time of the cardholder – It is recommended to debit the cardholder after the goods have been delivered or the service has been rendered completely.
  4. Issuing of invoices – the merchant should announce the time of the issuing of the invoice as well as the subsequent fulfillment (e. g. in case the ordered goods can only be supplied in partial deliveries).
  5. Promise of immediate execution of orders – it would be ideal if you could send an email to the customer one day after receipt of the order at the latest, confirming the order. If the goods are not available at the moment, the customer should immediately be informed of the altered delivery times.
  6. Promise of reaction times for all customer queries – the merchant should react to all customer queries (e. g. via email or phone) within two workdays.
  7. Shipping policy/delivery facilities – All details on the merchant company‘s shipping policy or other conditions must be clearly specified on the website.
  8. Exportation restrictions – If you are aware of any exportation restrictions, these must be specified explicitly on your website.
  9. Note referring to copy of the transaction data – please remind the cardholder to retain a copy of the transaction at an easily accessible place
  10. Transaction receipt – In order to find a solution for cardholder and the merchant in the case of a conflict, an unequivocal identification number must be assigned to every transaction. The ID must be clearly specified on the transaction receipt.
  11. Online address of the contracting company – you must always specify the URL of their web presence on the transaction receipt.

Cheap WordPress Recommendation

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ByAlexia Pamelov

Windows ASP.NET Hosting – Tips for Instagram Marketing

1111CheapWindowsHosting.com | Cheap windows ASP.NET hosting review and comparison. Instagram has become one of the most powerful tools for sharing the visual story of a brand. With over 300 million active users, the app has surpassed Twitter as a social media platform. And why wouldn’t it? With an increasingly visual thirsty audience, Instagram gives brands a golden opportunity to interact with their audience in a more personal and intimate way.

Instagram is not only a great tool to establish brand identity and keep customers updated with latest company news, the app can also be used to share special offers, product launches and behind-the-scenes images with the audience.

There might be 50+ tips and tricks to use Instagram for marketing, but we have extracted the top 3 from the lot so you can get on board quickly and easily.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the driving force of Instagram. They’re one of the main ways of how the audience can find your brand through mobile Instagram searches. There are more than a few ways to use hashtags strategically to drive audience and increase brand awareness.

  • General Hashtags – By using general hashtags you amplify the chances of being found for your particular products. For example. if you own a fast food chain and you post an image of your mouth-watering burger, include tags such as #burger, #beef, #bbqsauce in the caption.
  • Brand Specific Hashtags – It is a good strategy to include your brand’s name in some of your hashtags. In fact, if your brand is running a new marketing campaign, you can create a hashtag for that particular campaign to increase promotion and awareness.
  • Trending Hashtags – Instagram trends spread like wildfire. If you find a trending hashtag that resonates with your brand, use it in your post and it might be seen by thousands of consumers within a few minutes.

Leverage User Generated Content

When consumers are loyal to a brand, they absolutely love to share their experience. One great way to involve them in your marketing campaign is to ask them to share their pictures while using your product and include relevant hashtags. This will not only make them feel valued but also give a boost to your marketing efforts. Furthermore, it gives you a break from having to come up with fresh content twice or thrice a day.

Share Exclusive Deals

Although it’s great to post deals and special offers throughout all social networks, posting Instagram-only offers, contents, deals, and discount codes will give your audience a good reason to connect with your brand specifically on Instagram.

Instagram is a fairly new platform for most brands, but it’s strong potential for consumer engagement makes it an imperative part of their social media marketing strategy. Once you implement these tips to gain an active following, you will realize the power of visual marketing.

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