Find The Cheap Australian Sitefinity 9.2 Hosting

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Find The Cheap Australian Sitefinity 9.2 Hosting

5/5 - (1 vote) | Best and cheap Sitefinity 9.2 hosting in australia. Sitefinity 9.2 enables you to create and run better personalization campaigns thanks to more flexible audience segmentation using any behavioral and demographic data from the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC). You can also better track the success of these campaigns and measure the impact on conversion rates.


What’s New

Multi-Page Forms

Content editors can now split large and complex online forms into several subpages and thus improve the user experience and reduce the dropout rate (documentation). Also added Form name to the subject of email notifications for form responses.

Multilingual Support for Digital Assets

Added option to upload multilingual versions of Sitefinity files with powerful control on how they appear on localized sites. The new functionality is available for Images, Documents & Files, and Videos.

SEO Improvements

Added option to exclude Content Types from Sitemap generation (documentation).

What’s Fixed

Pages & Content

  • Pages: Regular expression for Pages Additional URLs cannot be modified (FP)
  • Pages: Canonical URLs for pages with pagination should contain page number (FP)
  • Content: Incorrect date and time shown when item is scheduled for Publishing (FP)
  • Content: “Pages where content items are published” showing wrong pages (FP)
  • Related items: not shown in Preview mode when they are set as simple links (FP)
  • Lists: Performance problems with many items (FP)
  • Lists: Advanced settings miss resource label (FP)
  • Libraries: External file system storage provider does not move the files when the whole library is moved (FP)


  • Content items selectors: Cannot display more than 50 content items (FP)
  • Navigation>Light mode: Custom selection of pages and long text custom field results in exception (FP)
  • Navigation widget>Light mode: Long text custom field and related media field cause exception (FP)
  • Taxonomies widget:  ShowItemsCount includes deleted content items (FP)
  • DisplayName attribute breaks field value input (FP)


  • Forms cannot be edited after changing Multiple Choice Field properties (FP)
  • Form response email contain wrong site link in multisite scenario (FP)
  • Multiple choice validation message is not persisted (FP)
  • Captcha widget: ImageStorageLocation property cannot be edited (FP)
  • MVC mode: Search in form responses doesn’t work
  • MVC mode: “Collection is read-only” error when trying to upload a file
  • MVC mode: Exception upon submission of form with captcha in non-default language


  • All day events without end date are displayed as infinite in Calendar view (FP)
  • Published events cannot be sent for approval (FP)
  • Event date range in Events Selector shows ‘&ndash’ instead of ‘-‘
  • Recurring events issues upon adding to Google Calendar (FP)
  • Moving or resizing events more than once does not persist changes on start and end date because event gets locked
  • Editing an event from frontend calendar changes timezone of this event
  • Editing an event from frontend calendar makes it all day event, but not in UTC timezone
  • After publishing a Draft event, if another event is edited it will have the Start and End date of the previous (FP)
  • Timezone dropdown is not displayed after creating all day recurrent event
  • Event start and end dates modified after creating repeating, all day event (FP)
  • Single day, all day events should have only 1 date in the Event widget
  • Export: Always the default language version is exported (FP)
  • Export: German symbols are not exported in a readable way in Google calendar
  • Export multi day all day event to outlook/ical/google calendar changes the end date (FP, KB)
  • Export: Timed events don`t calculate correctly daylight saving upon export (FP)
  • Export: Invalid .ics files are generated on export
  • Export: Link to internal page is not exported
  • Export: Files in event description are not exported
  • Export: Weekly recurrent events are not exported to Google

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