Cheap Windows Hosting Tips | Build eCommerce Sites On Drupal

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Cheap Windows Hosting Tips | Build eCommerce Sites On Drupal

5/5 - (1 vote) | Best and cheap Drupal hosting. Before you opt to pick the best known Drupal modules for your eCommerce site, one must consider few facts. First of all, it is the very nature of business that will fit with the module’s usage. All business do not follow the same commercial procedure. Therefore build a good understanding on the processes and processing capabilities that the module should deliver.

Guideline For Building Drupal eCommerce Websites

Here comes a standalone Drupal eCommerce site building guideline for you, follow it to your success:

  • Whichever module you select to enable on your Drupal store, make sure it does not contain any hole within it – so that you can stay prevented from any hacking attempts. The module must equally produce same safety guard for your customers, visitors and buyers.
  • The service or product distribution and delivery is key in online store activities. How tirelessly your module collaborate with your distribution system is therefore important to understand.
  • Some web stores depend largely on user generated rating, reviews and feedback system. Check how relevant this is to your business
  • Payment pages are important. Look who offers what payment option, how the check out page is appearing and how secure is the mechanism. Consider strongest option for safety.
  • You might not have heard about this consideration before but your branding efforts have a lot to get from the eCommerce module you are going to use on Drupal. It must coordinate with the culture you are looking to contribute in future.

Top 3 Drupal eCommerce Modules

Look into below list of top three Drupal eCommerce modules that can help your business to take the flight.

  1. Drupal Commerce Module
  2. Ubercart Module
  3. Commerce Kickstart Module

Drupal Commerce Module

Drupal Commerce module is a highly reputed and widely used eCommerce store module for businesses that supports all businesses remaining easy to customize. It complies with strict development standard that puts users building capability at the center of all of its functionalities. Check the features that Drupal Commerce module offers:

  • Creating product pages and customize them with relevant attribution
  • Dynamic product display with easy order management system comprising different views and control options
  • API payment method support to cater payment processing using different payment gateway systems
  • Built in taxation calculation and VAT estimation with real time based accounting reporting
  • Pricing control with discount, coupon, rebates etc
  • Other functionalities include shipping tracking, stock inventory system, virtual product sales support and core integration for rules, views etc.

Ubercart Module

Ubercart is the best known Drupal eCommerce module that can fully integrate with the latest version of drupal. It is an open source development that centers around building a community for a product with paid download options and making premium offers. Ubercart 3.0’s core features include

  • Fully customizable to fit all your needs easily
  • Highly compatible and easy to integrate
  • Sell physical, virtual goods with virtual economy support
  • Run events, marketing campaigns and promotional sales
  • Automate the user subscription, list building, email capture
  • Run across multiple websites and run safe with search engine optimized performance
  • Highly encrypted for security, linked with advanced database system
  • Incudes products page, checkouts, orders, payments, testing, changing pages with configurable product catalog, product creation support, product attribution system
  • XML export and import, integrated payment system, simple order processing and tracking

Commerce Kickstart

Commerce Kickstart is yet another eCommerce module for Drupal which is rather new than other two modules we discussed in above. It is unique in its core ability to remain functional when integrated with other functional capabilities from different modules. It works pretty perfect with Drupal Core and Drupal Commerce modules therefore you are originally getting most of the features from the best known ones when you use the Commerce Kickstart module. Check out the functional features of Commerce Kickstart module here:

  • It lets you manage all the functions, services together under easy dashboard, whether it is setting up an eCommerce webstore or running it or selling a product
  • It holds the true business sense making the module fully supportive for a webstore owner to become full length business service
  • Customize orders, offerings, deals staying hosted in the most secured ecommerce module
  • Generate all the reports you require to run your business and get insight to business trend
  • Bagged couple of awards for its performance

Which Drupal eCommerce Module Will Make Me Money From My Business?

Beyond our recommended top 3 modules, there are many modules to use for your ecommerce web business. Select that module which goes with your business behavior and also gives you full control over single little things. Any of the three modules will help you greatly! Try now, make money with your Drupal website!

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