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ByAlexia Pamelov

Best Drupal 8.3.7 Hosting in Australia

CheapWindowsHosting.com | Best and cheap drupal 8.3.7 hosting . Drupal  is a powerful solution that lets marketers and others build and manage sites, multichannel digital experiences, shopping experiences and integrate a diverse ecosystem of digital marketing and related tools and technology. Drupal is flexible, open, easy to integrate with, and easy to use for marketers and non-technical people – and it easily connects to marketing automation, CRM, email marketing, analytics, optimization and other marketing technology solutions. After evaluating hundreds of web hosts, we finally name DiscountService.biz as Best and cheap Drupal Hosting in Australia.

Release notes

Maintenance and security release of the Drupal 8 series.

This release fixes security vulnerabilities. Sites are urged to upgrade immediatelyafter reading the notes below and the security announcements:

  • Drupal Core – Critical – Multiple Vulnerabilities – SA-CORE-2017-004

No other fixes are included.

No changes have been made to the .htaccess, web.config, robots.txt or default settings.php files in this release, so upgrading custom versions of those files is not necessary.

Known issues

Updating from versions older than 8.3.0

We’ve received reports of the following issues with the 8.3.0 release that may affect those updating from older versions of Drupal 8:

  • A few sites have reported #2869449: PluginNotFound exception after update to Drupal 8.3 where the plugin name mentioned in the exception may vary. Administrators of affected sites should check the issue queues of contributed modules in use. Comment on #2869449 if necessary.
  • Sites that have the HAL module enabled and are upgrading from 8.1.x have encountered #2867444: Configuration schema errors whilst updating to 8.3.0. Possible workarounds include updating to 8.2.7 first and then to 8.3.0, or (for sites using Drush) updating to Drush 8.1.10. (Note that 8.1.x has been end-of-life since September 2016, so we generally do not provide full support for updates that skip minor releases.)

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Are you looking for Best Drupal 8.3.7  Hosting in Australia? Finding a high quality Best Australian Drupal 8.3.7  Hosting provider is crucial for your web application. Your Drupal 8.3.7  application can only run smooth if it will be hosted on a server which can provide a higher up time & plenty of computing resources. There’re thousands of web hosting providers which offer Drupal 8.3.7  hosting, but choosing Best Drupal 8.3.7  Hosting provider in australia is a time consuming task. To make your buying decision easy we’ve concluded  Best yet Cheap Drupal 8.3.7  Hosting providers which are reliable and offer affordable Drupal 8.3.7  Hosting so that every one can afford it.



DiscountService.biz offer the newest Drupal 8.3.7  version which means no matter your site is developed using Drupal 8.3.7  Hosting, you could always find the best version of Drupal 8.3.7  Hosting from them. Besides this, they also offer many other great features to make their web server friendly to Drupal 8.3.7  Hosting, such as:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • World Class data center with powerful than normal web servers
  • Fast & responsive customer support. DiscountService.biz have been in business for 5+ years, their performance are trackable.
  • Plesk Control Panel
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Free Website Templates
  • Website Builder
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Promo Code
  • 30 Money back guarantee
  • A Good Rating by Real Customers

After reviewed 50+ web hosts, I found of the  cheap and reliable Drupal 8.3.7  hosting in Australia which are ranked unbiasedly and independently based on the Drupal 8.3.7  features; modules, plugins and themes; web hosting reliability and performance. To choose the best hosting for your magento websites, I recommend you going with the best and affordable Drupal 8.3.7  hosting which have been truly tested

DiscountService.biz as The Best and cheap Drupal 8.3.7  Hosting in Australia.


DiscountService.biz comes with Plesk Panel, which has integrated with Drupal 8.3.7  application installer script so as to help you make full use of this cms. And also, the well-trained support staffs stay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to have all you problems solved at the first time. DiscountService.biz is the leading provider of Windows hosting and affordable Drupal 8.3.7 . The price Starts from $2.99 per month with 35% OFF , its very fantastic price..

DiscountService.biz Expert Support Team

Everything starts with impeccable support. The unmatched knowledge, experience, and dedication of their team truly make them stand out. They understand that people are the most important piece of the service they provide, and that is why they are at the top of the list. You’ll notice the difference the first time you talk to one of their ASP.NET experts.

DiscountService.biz’s World Class Data Center

Their data centers are strategically located around the country to provide their customers with the highest levels of availability, service and support on the market. Their data centers located on Australia (Melbourne),  Netherlands (Amsterdam), Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom (London), , France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt), Canada (Toronto), Italy (Milan), India (Chennai), Brazil (São Paolo). Each Data Center is custom designed with raised floors. Each Data Center is equipped with HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, seismically braced racks, advanced early smoke detection and fire suppression systems. Their Data Centers are supported by some of the most powerful physical security in the business. They have 24/7 video surveillance, security breach alarms and Biometric thumb print scanners at every entryway.