Cheap Windows Hosting – Simple Tips to Boost Up Your eCommerce Site with Magento Hosting

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Cheap Windows Hosting – Simple Tips to Boost Up Your eCommerce Site with Magento Hosting

Rate this post | Best and Cheap Magento hosting. At present, Magento grows increasingly popular by serving as an open source e-commerce web application based on PHP and MySQL. With an ecommerce website, the stability of the server can become more and more vital. Customers always want to access to the website, use the search engine or do other steps such as purchasing or bidding with the highest processing speed without lagging or suddenly stops. A good magento hosting will help the website to work with a high level of flexibility and also the agility.


If you want to run a successful eCommerce store with Magento Hosting, you have to assure yourself sell high quality products, and at the same time build a powerful and fast website with delicately-designed web presence, which can be achieved by optimize your Magento site. Here are the simple but effective ways to improve Magento’s speed:

Simple Tips to Boost Up Your eCommerce Site with Magento Hosting

  1. Optimize the images used in your template, a large percentage should be at or below 10kb. Efforts to kill whitespace in certain images can also become necessary at times. You can Compress image files using a photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop to reduce file size. 
  2. Running the latest version of Magento. New releases often include performance improvements and other patches which affects performance. 
  3. Don’t forget to Enable the Flat Catalog module for products and categories in the Magento Admin Panel. We have seen quite significant improvements by turning on this feature, especially on large catalogs. Where: System -> Configuration -> Catalog 
  4. In Magento admin, (top menu) System > Configuration, (left nav) Advanced > Developer, (main page) JavaScript Settings, CSS Settings. Set “Merge Javascript” Files and “Merge CSS” Files to “Yes”.
  5. When all other settings are in place and the site is ready to go live, go to System > Cache Management. Select all items, set the Action dropdown to “Enable” then hit Submit

The best and cheap Magento Hosting Provider offers quality hosting service helping customers to build websites of any kind easily. In this article, we mainly discuss whether web hosting worth going for e-commerce websites. In fact, to host an magento ecommerce site successfully, the web hosting should fully meet the following requirements:
  • The maximum volume of disk space and bandwidth for smooth data storing and transferring
  • Cheap price to help business owners save budget
  • User-friendly e-commerce software and 1-click application installer
  • Powerful control panel for easy management of website
  • 24/7 responsive technical support to ensure the most effective troubleshooting process
  • Good uptime record and fast hosting speed for an excellent website viewing experience

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