Cheap Windows Hosting – Simple Tips Improve Your SEO Using Twitter

ByAlexia Pamelov

Cheap Windows Hosting – Simple Tips Improve Your SEO Using Twitter

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How-To-Use-Twitter-For-SEOTwitter is  the most popular micro blogging platform as of today .Twitter is a large network and  has the potential to supplement your SEO activities .  If the tweets from your account are focused and topical then it surely helps you to establish your online reputation and build a brand online. But, on the contrary, vague tweets do not have any SEO benefit and it is just a sheer waste of time and energy.

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Below are some tips that you may consider while tweeting which will help in your SEO campaign.

Simple Tips Improve Your SEO Using Twitter

Brand Name

Profile / Bio


Hash Tags


Be a Help to Others

Tweet Interval

Blog Site

Blog Site

Build your online brand

Last but not the least, determine a purpose for your Twitter presence. Do you want to focus on customer support or share information about your products and services or would you like to engage with your potential customers or would just like to converse with people from your own industry, etc. Only when you have a purpose you will get a direction and only then it is possible to monitor and measure the success, else it becomes a vehicle without a driver and no destination.

Optimizing your twitter account is optimizing your search engine visibility too. By managing it well, you will have a higher chance to create a bigger network, connect more to people and gain the exposure you need.

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